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December 2020 Religious Education Family Letter from Father Ed Maher… Dear St. Thomas the Apostle Families….CONTINUE READING HERE:Family Mass and Schedule letter December 2020

June 6 Welcome Back letter from Father Ed Maher….Dear Parishioner, I am sure you have already heard the good news that we will be open for masses starting Saturday, June 13th. It is truly a time to rejoice…..CONTINUE READING HERE: 6-8-2020 Welcome back letter

May 23 Updated letter from Father Ed Maher….Dear Parishioners, I frequently run into people and they tell me they really miss church. They ask “when are we going to reopen fully”? Governor Murphy has the State of Emergency up until at least June 6th. We are hoping it will be shortly after that, but we don’t know….CONTINUE READING HERE:  Letter from the Pastor May 23, 2020.

Easter Letter from the Pastor: Easter Letter from the Pastor 2020

Letter from Mon. Morgan: Letter from Mon. Morgan March 30, 2020

Letter from the Pastor: Letter from the Pastor March 25, 2020

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