Easter Blessings to All! It was nice to see so many friends, family and visitors here at St. Thomas Church on Easter Sunday.  As we came together to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I want to thank everyone for their participation in Mass and for your generous donations.  Remember, you are always welcome here at St. Thomas Church. I also need to thank all the people who helped in the planning of these Holy Week and Easter celebrations.  Thank you to the Social Events Committee for cooking and serving the Poor Man’s Dinner on Holy Thursday.  Thank you to Linda Rosas for making all the beautiful flower arrangements throughout the Lenten Season and Easter Sunday.  Thank you to Helene Christian and to all the volunteers who came out to decorate the church.  Kenny Herman for helping with the lighting.  Thank you to Mary Jane Kelso and her choir for the music.  Also, thank you to the Ushers, EM’s, Lectors, Greeters and Servers for making everything flow smoothly.  A special thank you to our sacristans, Barbara Dubois and Mike Napolitano.  Fran Streeper and Jane LaVerghetta for planting our spring flowers.  Anne Grove and her committee for cleaning the church.  Lee Bell for donating the rosary beads for our Easter Eggs and to our parish staff.   Thank you Everyone!! Happy Easter, Fr. Bill

Horse RacerHorse RacerNight At The Races


Saturday, May 2nd St. Philip Hall Pre Derby Party 5:30PM

Horse Race at 6:30


Featuring roast beef and pulled pork sandwiches, beer, and setups

$20. per ticket on sale now after all masses and at the parish office

Hurry Tickets are going FAST!

The “Night at the Races is a wonderfully fun filled event that St. Thomas has held for the last 5 years now.  See the men dressed in their Sunday best while the ladies arrive adorned in the latest spring fashion wearing brilliant hats of all shapes and sizes. Watch the race “Live” on the HDTV big screen . See More Derby Stories Racing News

ROSARY FOR PEACE For about 15 months now, Rosary for peace in our hearts, our homes, country and the whole world have been said every Tuesday here at St. Thomas. In the summer, we gather to pray at the grotto of our Lady by the parking lot. When it is cold or raining, we pray in the church. We do have fun too…    some days with cookies, coffee or pizza! Attendance is very good. Just come and experience love in action.

Would You Like to Become Catholic? (please click here) If you ever even faintly thought of becoming a Catholic and did not know where and how to deal with it, I guarantee you, you are on the right page. We read from prophet Isaiah, “The Lord waits for you to come to him, so he can show you his love and compassion. For the Lord is a faithful God.” (Isaiah 30:18) Cfr.Our Sunday Visitor. We too are eagerly waiting for you here at St.Thomas, a friendly, welcoming, non-judging parish. Just call us on 609-266-2123. You will never be alone anymore. You will find people who will share the same faith with you, pray together with you, celebrate joys and grieve together with you in case of a loss; and offer support and receive strength together. Just call and we talk. Welcome.