Father Jose

A Note from Fr. Jose Thomas

I am youngest son of  Teresa and Thomas (Late) . I was born on April 20th, 1970, in the state of Kerala, the southern part of India. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters living in the state of Kerala with their family members. After completing my high school studies at the age of 18, I accepted the call to become a missionary priest for the North East India, about 3,000 miles from my home state, Kerala. After 14 years of seminary training, I was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Imphal, Manipur on April 22, 2002. Manipur is a state which is the home of 35 Mongolian tribes, each having its own dialect, music and dance form. These villagers are very simple and hardworking. They cultivate rice, corn and vegetables on mountain slopes. Most of the villages are not connected to roads, electricity, telephone and drinking facilities. In spite of these hardships and struggles, it is a vibrant and dynamic church; an average of 2,000 people are converted from other faiths every year. Seminaries are full of vocations. There are four or five ordinations every year. I was serving the Archdiocese as Associate Pastor for 3 years after my ordination. The last 11 years, I was appointed as Pastor of the parish and Principal of Higher Secondary School. Despite many difficulties and problems, I enjoyed my priestly life. I asked my Bishop to allow me to serve outside of India so that I can have a different Pastoral experience. My request was granted and Most Reverend Dennis J. Sullivan accepted me to serve here. I reached the United States on May 5, 2015 and I was assigned to St. Thomas Church as Associate Pastor.My sincere thanks to Father William Vandegrift for welcoming me and introducing me to the parishioners. His concern and good will makes me comfortable and Msgr. Mannion is a great inspiration for me from the time I met him. I thank God for bringing me to this beautiful place with so many loving people. You are all remembered in my daily Mass and prayers. Please do pray for me. May God bless St. Thomas Parish, Brigantine.
Peace be with you , Fr. Jose Thomas

                    ROSARY FOR PEACE

 For about 15 months now, Rosary for peace in our hearts, our homes, country and the whole world have been said every Tuesday here at St. Thomas. In the summer, we gather to pray at the grotto of our Lady by the parking lot. When it is cold or raining, we pray in the church. We do have fun too…    some days with cookies, coffee or pizza! Attendance is very good. Just come and experience love in action.

Would You Like to Become Catholic?
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If you ever even faintly thought of becoming a Catholic and did not know where and how to deal with it, I guarantee you, you are on the right page. We read from prophet Isaiah, “The Lord waits for you to come to him, so he can show you his love and compassion. For the Lord is a faithful God.” (Isaiah 30:18) Cfr. Our Sunday Visitor. We too are eagerly waiting for you here at St. Thomas, a friendly, welcoming, non-judging parish. Just call us on 609-266-2123. You will never be alone anymore. You will find people who will share the same faith with you, pray together with you, celebrate joys and grieve together with you in case of a loss; and offer support and receive strength together. Just call and we talk. Welcome.